Referral Program
Frequently Asked Questions
How many friends can I refer?
As many as you like! The more people you invite, the more credits you'll collect! You can redeem only one free certificate voucher with this exclusive offer.
How can I get my free online certification 
course voucher?
Once 3 of your friends buy a paid GetResponse account, you're eligible for a free certification course voucher. We have up to 30 days to verify your referrals. As soon as we verify them, we'll send you an invite and set up your certification account.
How can I redeem my credits?
Go to the "Refer a friend" tab in your account and click on "Redeem credits". We'll apply your credits to your next bill.
I already invited 3 or more paid accounts, 
can I be eligible for the reward?
If you referred at least 3 paid accounts before this deal started, you still need to refer at least another 3 to be able to claim the reward.
Ready to recommend GetResponse and collect your rewards?
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